How to Potty Train a Boy in 1 Month

By Jennifer Wagaman
toilet paper image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from

Potty training a boy can happen in one month if he is ready. According to's medical advisory board, boys typically take longer to potty train than girls. Individual children can be ready to potty train as early as 18 months or as late as three years old.The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages parents to potty train a boy by having him sit on the toilet. Once he is completely potty trained, then he can learn to stand up to pee. This helps to simplify the potty training process and eliminates the need to be able to aim properly.

Ensure your son is ready to potty train. He needs to be able to hold his pee, staying dry for long periods of time each day. It is helpful if his bowel movements are regular. He may show interest in using the potty or wearing underwear. He should be able to follow simple directions and can tell you when he needs to go to the bathroom. He should also want his diaper off after he goes to the bathroom, indicating that he will dislike having wet pants on during the potty training process.

Prepare your son for potty training. To prepare him to use the bathroom, you should allow your son to watch you go to the bathroom and talk about using the potty. You can purchase underwear with a design that your son likes and talk about how he can wear them when he goes to the bathroom in the potty instead of in his diapers. You can also talk about your chosen reinforcement method. This can be a food treat like an M&M or a sticker or other trinket that will motivate your son to use the potty.

Choose your potty. You can purchase a child size potty that sits on the floor or a child-sized seat that fits on top of a regular toilet. If purchasing a small potty, be sure it comes with a shield so that when your son urinates in the potty, he does not pee on the floor.

Sit your son on the potty. You can expect your son to go to the bathroom on a fairly regular basis. It is important to be sure to put him on the potty after eating or drinking, before and after naps and bedtime. Each time he urinates in the potty, give him your chosen reinforcement and lots of praise.

You can either leave the diaper on your son and try to take him to the bathroom regularly enough to keep the diaper dry, or you can put him in underwear from the start. Putting him in underwear will teach him what it feels like to be wet and will make him want to use the bathroom.

If your son is ready to potty train, he should be accident free after about a month. Starting before he is ready will only cause the process to take longer.