What to Pack When Going on an Overnight Trip with an Infant

By Heather Montgomery
Don’t stress too much about remembering everything for your overnight trip. Most items you will need are available at a local grocery or baby store.
Don’t stress too much about remembering everything for your overnight trip. Most items you will need are available at a local grocery or baby store.

With the addition of an infant to your family, the number of items you need when leaving your home for an overnight trip seems to grow by leaps and bounds. You might want to pack every item you have for your infant to prepare for every possibility while you are away from your home, but, with careful planning, you can bring what you need without loading down your car or lugging a large number of bags through the airport.

Diaper Bag

Regardless of whether you are traveling by car or air for your overnight trip, you need to keep the diaper bag nearby for quick changes, feedings and other situations that may arise. Pack several diapers, a travel case of wipes, changing pad, extra pacifiers, gas drops, saline drops, a nose bulb, burp cloths, hand sanitizer, blanket, your infant's favorite toys, snacks, baby food, spoons, extra formula, bottles and two changes of clothes. Store any liquids in a zip-top bag to contain spills and make it easy to go through security if you are traveling by air. If traveling by air, most liquids must be under 3.4 ounces and kept in one quart-size zip-top bag per passenger. Medications, formula and baby food are not subject to the 3.4 ounce rule, but you must declare the items to the screening personnel and the liquids are subject to inspection by the Transportation Security Administration. Keep a few empty zip-top bags in the bag, too, to store dirty clothes or diapers.


It is no secret that infants can go through several changes of clothes a day with diaper leakage, spit-up and other issues that make a change of clothes necessary. Pack your infant two outfits for each day and two pairs of pajamas for each night. Also include a light sweater, even during the summer, or a jacket if you are traveling during the cooler months. Include blankets, extra diapers, wipes, sunscreen, toys and anything you need for your infant to fall asleep, such as a favorite book or music CD.

The Baby Gear

If you are visiting a family member who also has a baby, you might be able to leave the stroller, high chair and baby monitor at home. An overnight stay in a city where you have no family or friends might require you to bring this essential baby gear along. If you are staying in a hotel, pack a night-light, crib sheets and outlet covers to make your hotel stay more comfortable and safe.

Smart Tips

When packing your infant’s clothing, place each complete outfit in a plastic zip-top bag to make changes easier. Include socks, a top and a bottom in the bag. Don’t forget to bring copies of your infant’s birth certificate and health insurance card and the phone number for your pediatrician.

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