How to Make Your Own Homemade Slime

By eHow Contributor

Children of all ages love playing with slime and the gooey feeling that it brings! Learn how you can make your own non-toxic homemade slime for children to enjoy playing with!

The first step in making your gooey homemade slime is to obtain about a cup of cornstarch, water, a medium stainless steel bowl, some food coloring, and a measuring cup.

Mix about a cup of water and a cup of cornstarch together in your medium stainless steel bowl until it becomes gooey and like dough. If it is too watery, you can add more cornstarch. If it's getting too thick, simply add a bit of water in your mixture.

When you obtain a gooey mix, add a bit of food coloring to your likings. Most slime are green, but you can be creative and add sorts of food coloring!

Lastly, enjoy playing with your new, homemade and non-toxic slime!