Orville Wright Costume Ideas for Kids

By Wannikki Taylor
Dressing up as Orville Wright will also add a creative touch to a school history presentation.
Dressing up as Orville Wright will also add a creative touch to a school history presentation.

A young child is often fascinated with airplanes flying across the sky. Thus, sparking his curiosity to learn more about the revolutionary invention. Take this opportunity to teach him about the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur Wright, who are credited with inventing the first successful powered flight. He will enjoy creating an Orville Wright costume as part of the learning process.


A simple derby hat was worn by Wright over the course of his life. Find a dark-colored derby hat, such as navy blue or black, to place upon the child's head. Instead of a derby hat, you can use a black or gray newsboy cap, which were also popular for men during the time period of Wright's life. Before placing the hat on, consider putting a gray-haired wig on the child's head to give a more realistic of appearance of a middle-aged Wright brother.


Re-create Orville Wright's mustache for the child's face. Simply trace a mustache template or draw a mustache on an adhesive-backed sheet of black felt. Peel the backing off and stick the mustache under the child's nose. You can also consider using black face paint to paint a mustache under his nose. Paint a black line with two inward curls at the ends. To represent the aviation goggles that Orville may have worn to protect his eyes, simply place a pair of kid-sized swim goggles over the child's eyes.


A business suit will be fitting attire for an Orville Wright portrayal. Sports jackets and slacks in solid colors were worn by men during the late 1880s to early 1900s. There is probably already a black or navy blue suit in a child's closet, reserved for special occasions, that he can wear for his costume. A white dress shirt with a dark-colored tie underneath the sports jackets will complete the look. If he doesn't already have a suit, scoop out local thrift stores for a cheap suit. Use black dress shoes for footwear.


To give others an idea of who the child is portraying, create some aviation props that he can carry around with him. Create an aircraft prototype model. Slide a pencil through the opening of a clothespin. Glue firm small pieces of paper on the sides of the clothespin for plane wings. Tie a string to the head of the clothespin. He can hold the string and run with the plane to make it fly. You can also roll up an aviation map for him to hold in his hand.

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