Orange Themed Children's Party Ideas

By Carissa Lawrence
There are many different ways to decorate an orange-themed party.
There are many different ways to decorate an orange-themed party.

It's not uncommon to hear a child telling other kids or adults about their favorite things, including foods, cartoon characters, songs and colors. If your child has a preference for the color orange and you want to include it in the theme for his next party, there are many different ideas for the decorations, games, food and drinks.


There are endless decorating options for an orange-themed kids party. Consider adding a second color like white, pink or green to the theme to give the kids' eyes a break. Basic party supplies such as plates, cups, flatware, napkins, balloons and streamers can be purchased in orange at most party stores. Rather than simply featuring the color, you can also choose an orange animal or object to enhance to theme. Goldfish, kites, pumpkins, oranges, cats, flowers and dinosaurs are a few examples of orange items that could be included in the decorations for the party as well.


Kids will have fun playing games that feature the color orange. Tie an Orange Ribbon is a game that is suitable to start the party off and get kids interacting with each other. Prepare this game ahead of time by hiding various lengths of orange ribbon around the house. Divide the kids into pairs or groups of three and have them search for as many pieces of ribbon as they can and tie them together in an attempt to make the longest ribbon. For younger children, the pieces of ribbon can be placed end to end on the ground as an alternative to tying. You can also engage children in games such as Pass the Orange, a variation of Hot Potato, or have them race to see who can peel an orange or tangerine the fastest.


The food for an orange-themed kids party may be the easiest part of planning. There are numerous foods that are orange or can be turned orange using food coloring. You can make an orange fruit salad by cutting up and mixing fruits like apricots, peaches, oranges and nectarines. Many cheese-flavored brands of chips and crackers are orange, and cheese cubes are always popular with kids. For the cake, adding orange food coloring to the batter and/or frosting will it into an orange masterpiece.


Beverage options like orange juice and orange flavored drinks like punch are a great idea for an orange-themed party. Another drink that kids might enjoy is a homemade Orange Julius. You can involve kids in the drink-making process by allowing them to help you measure and add the water, orange juice concentrate, milk, vanilla extract and ice to the blender.

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