Is it OK to Drink Rice Water When Pregnant?

By Cognac

Countries such as Pakistan, India, Ghana and others recommend drinking rice water during pregnancy. Not only is it inexpensive and tasty, it can help with nausea, diarrhea and rehydration after illness.

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Rice water is a safe way for a pregnant woman to make sure she is getting enough fluids. Adding salt or sugar is commonly done, but rice water lends itself to more creative touches, too.


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Morning sickness and nausea affect many pregnant women. To reduce it, Dr. Vandana Sharma notes that a "Paste of dhanyaka (Coriander), mixed with rice water and sugar should be given;" (2009).


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Rice water is simply the water left behind after cooking rice. It requires no special preparation or cost, and it can be enjoyed at any temperature.


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Rice water with salt can be used to replenish fluids in the treatment of sick pregnant women. The World Health Organization recommends it during recovery from such diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid and others.


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Pregnancy places great nutritional demands on the body. Ms. Zvenah E. Elahsuv, nutritional specialist, suggests combining rice water with oats, porridge, bread, roasted ground nuts, fruit and other items to increase nutrition (Agyei, 2007).

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