Nurse-Themed Cake Decoration Ideas

By Jagg Xaxx
Show the nurses you know how much you appreciate them with a decorative cake.

You can make a nurse-themed cake if you have a friend who is graduating from nursing school or know someone who is already a nurse and is celebrating a birthday or anniversary. Nurse-themed cakes can range from inspirational to amusing to "in questionable taste," depending on the personality of your friends.

Nursing Tools Cake

Many nursing-themed cakes make use of the tools that are involved in the nursing trade because they are recognisable and relatively easy to reproduce with cake and frosting. Using edibles, you can replicate a nurse's uniform, stethoscope, blood pressure gauge, pill bottles and other objects that people associate with medical practice. The cake itself can be shaped like a nurse's uniform, and the other objects can be used as decoration and accents on top of the cake.

Hospital Cake

If your nurse friend works in a hospital, or you are celebrating the fact that she just got a job in a hospital, you can make a cake that takes the shape of a miniature hospital. If you are particularly ambitious, get some photographs of the hospital where she is going to work and replicate it in cake. Just bake enough flat, rectangular cakes to form a small building with, then cover them over with frosting and add windows and other exterior features using a cake decorator.

Body Parts Cake

Engage in some off-colour humour by making a cake that looks like body parts and have a disgusting time eating it at your nursing party. An appreciation of black humour can sometimes come in handy in the nursing profession, which frequently means dealing with pain, suffering and loss. Eating a body parts cake may offend some of your guests, but just as many people many find it hilarious and appreciate your sense of humour.

Funny Cakes

Parties and celebrations are good places to have a laugh, and you can get some laughs by making amusing nursing-themed cakes. Cakes like these often play on typical medical humour, for example, a patient who is about to get a shot or some other intimidating or uncomfortable medical intervention. A skilled cake maker can create little people in amusing vignettes as part of the cake.

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