How to Get a Newborn to Sleep Without Being Held

By Jeffrey Brian
Beautiful little newborn baby with open eyes. image by Lisa Eastman from

Newborn babies sleep most of the day in short intervals. However, some babies have trouble falling asleep. As a new parent, you need your sleep as well, so you can't constantly hold the baby while he sleeps. Developing sleep patterns is critical to a newborn's growth and will help both mom and baby get a better night's rest.

Step 1

Feed the baby before his scheduled naptime or bedtime. Having a full belly will help him relax and get him ready for sleep. Also, you might give him a warm bath right before bedtime as the warm water will also help him relax.

Step 2

Wrap the baby in a swaddle blanket. Wrap it tightly around her, making sure her arms are securely down at her side.

Step 3

Lay the baby on a soft, flat surface such as a crib, play yard or bassinet in a dark room. The darkness will encourage him to continue the natural idea of sleep in dark settings. Lay him on his back to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Step 4

Set up a stereo with soothing, classical music or a womb sound. Or place a "womb bear" near the baby in their crib. Make sure the womb bear is away from her face and out of immediate reach so she can't grab it and pull it over her face should she get her arms free from her swaddle.

Step 5

Place a pacifier in the baby's mouth to continue the soothing sucking motion most newborns enjoy. The sucking motion provides a feeling of safety for most newborns and will make him feel secure enough to doze off on his own.

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