What Are the Names of Playground Equipment?

By Edriaan Koening
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Different playgrounds may have different equipment combinations, but a few play items are classic; they stand the test of time and have remained popular for decades. These items have been played by generations of children, and at least one or two are always seen in any school or park playground.


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A swing consists of a seat that is attached by a chain or thick rope to a sturdy, stationary structure such as a metal frame or a tree branch. The seat can be just a strip of material to sit on, a proper chair, or even a tire.


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A slide consists of a length of plastic or metal wide enough for a child to pass through without touching the sides, placed at an angle to the ground so that one end is raised higher than the other. A child enters from the raised end, sits, and slides down. A set of stairs is usually provided so the child can climb up to the higher end of the slide. A slide can be straight or curved.

See Saw

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A see saw, also known as a teeter totter, is made up of a long piece or plastic or metal wide enough for a child to sit on but narrow enough to straddle. It is supported by a pole at the middle of the structure. Two children sit at one end each and take turns going up and down.


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A merry-go-round or a whirl is a round structure that can fit about five children. The merry-go-round spins on its central pivot while the children ride on it.

Spring Rider

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A spring rider comprises a seat on a spring that rocks back and forth when a child sits on it. The seat can be shaped like a colorful animal or vehicle.


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A climber or a monkey bar is a structure that children can climb on, and may come in the form of a ladder or a wall with handles and steps. This structure helps children develop balance, fitness, and strength.