Meal Ideas for 9-Month-Olds

By Monica Hornof
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Your 9-month-old is starting to show you what she likes and, especially, what she does not like. You have fed her infant cereals and purees, and are now ready to expand her palate with new meals. At this age, your baby is starting to enjoy finger foods such as soft fruits, cereals and cheese. The meals you make for your 9-month-old will help her discover "adult" table foods and new flavors. Start with foods that your baby enjoys to ensure that she does not reject the meal. Always chop food into small pieces and never leave your baby unattended while she is eating.


Pasta is a table food that most babies enjoy. It is easy to pick up and easy for your baby to chew. When choosing pasta shapes, pick small ones such as macaroni, rather than long pastas such as spaghetti. Your baby may find long pasta shapes hard to eat, and she could choke on them. Add a bit of tomato sauce to make pasta even more interesting to your 9-month-old. The sauce will also help your baby improve her dexterity since it will make the pasta more difficult to pick up. If your baby has had meats, add some ground meat to the sauce. Many babies like soft vegetables with their pasta as well.

Egg Yolk Omelets

Between 8 to 10 months old, you can start introducing egg yolks to your baby's diet. Do not give your baby egg whites; they can be highly allergenic in babies under 1 year old, reports the website Wholesome Baby Food. You can make the omelet with previously boiled soft vegetables. If your baby has had meats, add some into the omelet as well to make a well-balanced meal for your baby. Cut the omelet into bite-sized pieces and let her practice feeding herself.


Casseroles are a meal that your family and your 9-month-old baby can enjoy together. When you make a chicken casserole with potatoes, leeks, carrots and green beans, your baby will enjoy a healthy, balanced meal. If your child has not had dairy, use a suitable dairy substitute such as soy milk. Substitute the chicken with fish or turkey, for some variety. If your baby has trouble with the textures in this dish, puree it.


Soups are a great way to give your baby a satisfying meal with many of the nutrients that she needs at 9 months old. Use low-sodium chicken or beef broth, and add legumes, such as garbanzo beans or lentils, vegetables and meats. To thicken the soup a bit more, add rice or pasta to it. This soup is also very good pureed, should your baby prefer it that way. At 9 months old, many babies like to feed themselves. Though messy, give your baby a spoon and let her try.

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