How Many Springs Does a Crib Mattress Have?

By Darlene Peer
Finding a mattress with the right number of coils can help your baby sleep better.
Finding a mattress with the right number of coils can help your baby sleep better.

Your newborn spends a lot of time sleeping, up to 18 hours a day, according to If you choose an innerspring mattress over a foam mattress, you may notice that various mattresses have different numbers of coils. Dennis Schuetz of Colgate Juvenile Products Company, quoted on, recommends a range of 135 to 150 coils for a mid-range mattress.

All Coils Aren't Equal

When it comes to coil count, you may be wondering if more is better. Taken alone, the coil count number can be deceptive. A mattress with 80 coils can actually be firmer than one with 100. It depends on how thick the steel is in the coils. The steel in crib mattress coils ranges between 19 and 12.5, with the lower number representing thicker steel. Thicker steel makes the mattress firmer. recommends a steel gauge count of 15.5 or lower.

Coils vs. Coil Count

When you're dealing with crib mattresses, there can be some confusion about coils vs. coil count when looking at information from the manufacturers. For example, a tag may list the mattress as having 150 coils and a coil count of 420. The first number is the actual number of coils in the mattress. The second, higher number is the equivalent number of coils that would be found in a full-sized mattress. It lets you compare the coil level in the crib mattress to your mattress, which may help some parents judge the comfort level and firmness of the mattress.


A key feature to consider, along with the coil count, is how many layers the innerspring mattress has. A general rule of thumb is that the more layers a mattress has and the higher the quality of those layers, the better the mattress is. Better cushioning and better gauge steel make for a comfy rest for your child. It also makes the mattress heavier. When you're shopping, try picking up different mattresses to get a feel for the difference in the materials used inside.

Other Innerspring Features

Always buy an innerspring mattress that has border rods. These are the rods that line the top and edges of the mattress, which provide the support that prevents the mattress from sagging when your child is big enough to stand or walk on the edge of the mattress. A sagging mattress could lead to your little one getting a foot stuck between the mattress and crib or other safety concerns. Mattress also have cushioning layers and an insulator pad above the coils. Quality materials are best, since they hold up over time. advises never to buy a mattress if you don't know what the layers are made of. Polyester cushioning layers and woven insulators are cheaper but tend to sag or form pockets over time.

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