How to Make PVC Lawn Furniture

By Nicole Thelin
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Decorate your lawn with PVC lawn furniture for a low-cost, low-maintenance, low-key lawn furniture alternative. This sturdy material requires no ongoing care and can be disassembled for convenient seasonal storage. If the PVC lawn furniture sustains damage somehow, a single section of pipe can be replaced without requiring the replacement of the entire assembly. PVC pipe is available from any hardware retailer and can be painted to match any outdoor color scheme. This weatherproof material can also be recycled.

Lawn Chair

Assemble a 3-foot section of pipe by connecting three 1-foot sections of pipe with a T connector between each segment. Place a three-way corner connector on one end of the completed pipe section. On the other end, place a four-way connector. Repeat to create four identical segments.

Create a rectangular shape from the pipe sections. Connect two of the pipe sections with an 18-inch segment of pipe between each vertical opening on the three-way corner connector. Repeat with the other two sections. Connect the two rectangles with 30-inch pieces of pipe between each horizontal opening of the corner connectors to create a box shape.

Create the back of the chair by placing a 1-inch segment of pipe in the four-way connectors on the top two pipes. Place an elbow connector, curving upward, on the end of each 1-inch section. Place a 36-inch section of pipe in the upward curving opening of the elbow connector. Place another elbow connector on the opposite end, and another 1-inch section of pipe. Place a three-way corner connector in the end of the 1-inch section.

Fit a 48-inch section of pipe into each of the other openings on the three-way corner connectors. On the bottom of the vertical pieces, place another three-way corner connector. Connect the openings that face each other with a 30-inch section of pipe. Connect the remaining connector openings with two 20-inch sections of pipe.


Fit four 12-inch sections of pipe in the horizontal openings of a five-way connector.

Place a 24-inch section in the vertical opening.

Fit another five-way connector on top of the 24-inch section of pipe so that four openings branch horizontally outward.

Fit four 12-inch sections of pipe in the horizontal openings.

Place a round piece of glass, plywood, or other flat material over the top of the 12-inch pipe supports. This material serves as the tabletop. If desired, secure the material with an adhesive.

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