How to Make a New Teddy Bear Look Old

By Contributor

How to Make a New Teddy Bear Look Old. For some people, a new teddy bear is kind of like new, blindingly white sneakers - they positively need to be made to look lived-in and loved. Here's how to get the Velveteen Rabbit effect without ruining your new bear.

Dab some tea on light fur to age it. Steep a cup and then use the tea bag.

Do the paw pads, too, if they're light enough.

Try coffee for a darker stain or on a darker bear. If you want it to look kid-loved, any food - especially berries - is fair game as a stain.

Wear thin patches by sanding lightly with the fine side of an emery board or with fine sandpaper.

Trim a little fur from the exposed edges of the ears with manicure scissors.

Fray the nose a tiny bit by picking at one or two strands - avoid cutting more than two or you'll start some serious unraveling. Or, just mess it up a bit with sandpaper.

Rub a little beeswax on anything that looks too shiny.

Replace a new, crisp ribbon with one that looks like it's seen too many teddy bear picnics.


Spend some time studying old bears to see how they wear. You'll notice that they don't wear or discolor evenly and that some spots - under the arms, for example, and inside the ears - hardly age at all.


Do a test piece first before you give your bear the all-over to make sure you like the look.