How to Make Fingerprints

By eHow Parenting Editor

Fingerprints establish a child's identity conclusively, and are invaluable should something happen to your child. Some cities establish a special day to mug shoot and fingerprint children for identification purposes. Whether you're fingerprinting your own child, or if you're participating in a larger project, here is the easiest way to fingerprint someone.

Purchase an ink pad. They can usually be found in the hobby area of a store or a hobby store. Use the type that has a soft, covered inked area inside a metal box.

Open the box and lay the heavier stock paper on one side of the ink pad. Keep the manila folder close at hand. You will get two sets of fingerprints, including one for the folder after you practice on the hard stock paper.

Press the inside upper bulb of the pinky finger of the left hand on the ink pad. Roll the finger so that the ink gets almost to the fingernail on each side. Place the inked finger on the heavy stock paper, keeping the other fingers tucked in. Keep the furthest left inked point on the paper itself. Apply a little pressure to make certain that the print is even. Roll the finger to the right. This will make a print that is twice as wide as the actual finger tip.

Continue doing the procedure from left to right until ever finger is printed. Do the thumb of the left hand in the same manner.

Label "left hand" beneath the five prints taken. Continue doing the same for the right hand. Date the sheet of paper.

Ink the underside of the tips of each finger on each hand. Place the left hand on the paper with the four fingers close but not touching. Apply pressure. Do not roll. Lift. Do the left thumb next to the print. Do not roll. You should have a print that shows all four fingers and the thumb together. Do the same for the right hand next to the left. Label each.

Place the fingerprints in the manila folder. Attach a photo of your child on the inside of the folder. Update frequently.