How to Make an Eggshell Mosaic

By Juliet Myfanwy Johnson

After Easter time, all parents with young kids end up with a ton of hard-boiled, colored Easter eggs. While you're making an enormous egg salad with the eggs, have your children save the colored shells and use them for an eggshell mosaic. This is a beautiful piece of artwork, and your kids will love crushing up the shells and creating their masterpieces. It keeps them entertained and makes Easter vacation even more fun!

Peel off the colored shells of dyed Easter eggs. The more variety of colors, the better.

Have your kids pound the eggshells into smaller pieces with a rolling pin or wooden mallet. They can also use fingers, or spoons for the same effect. Keep the colors separate.

Have them draw a big shape, drawing or design on their construction paper. The bigger the areas, the easier the mosaic is to make.

Have them spread glue into each area of their drawing.

Let them carefully sprinkle and press in the colored eggshells onto their design, covering all empty spaces. Allow it all to dry.