How to Make a Cylinder Purse

By Rosenya Faith
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Make a cylinder-shaped purse from a satin fabric to pair with a sleek and sexy outfit for a night out on the town or make the purse from a cotton blend fabric to wear with your casual everyday clothes. You can use the purse to express your personality with demure or flamboyant embellishments, such as imitation gemstones, large or small silk flowers or satin ribbon bows.

Step 1

Lay the fabric on your working surface and draw a rectangle for the main body of the purse. For a small cylinder purse, make the rectangle about 10 inches wide by 15 inches long. Cut out the rectangle and cut an identical rectangle from a piece of fusible interfacing.

Step 2

Lay your fabric rectangle face down on your working surface and place the interfacing on top. Iron the interfacing onto the fabric according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 3

Attach the zipper to the short ends of the purse. Pin one side of the zipper to one short edge on the wrong side of the fabric with the zipper teeth facing toward the fabric's good side. Sew the zipper in place with a straight stitch.

Step 4

Shape the fabric into a cylindrical shape with the good side facing outward and pin the other side of the zipper to the inside edge of the opposite short end. Sew the zipper in place.

Step 5

Measure the size of the circular openings at the ends of the purse. Add 1/4 inch, and cut two circles to this size. Cut two identical circles of fusible interfacing. Fuse one circle of interfacing to each of the fabric circles.

Step 6

Pin the circles over the openings at the ends of the purse with the good sides facing outward. Sew in place with a whipstitch to join the circles to the purse.

Step 7

Measure the circumference of the circular sides. Cut two pieces of satin cord or piping to this length. Pin the cord over top of the fabric joints around the circle. Sew in place with a whipstitch, while trying to hide the stitches on the underside of the piping or cord.

Step 8

Cut a 30-inch long piece of 1/2-inch wide ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half and sew the short ends together to make a continuous loop.

Step 9

Slide the ribbon underneath the bottom of the purse. Pin one side of the loop about 2 inches from the left end and the other side of the loop about 2 inches from the right end. Wrap the ribbon up and over the front and back of the purse. Pin it to the top of the purse, just below the zipper. Let the excess ribbon dangle above the purse to make handle straps.

Step 10

Sew the ribbon to the purse with a straight stitch.

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