How to Make a Candy Tie for Dad

By Zora Hughes

For Father's Day, encourage your kids to get creative and give Dad a homemade gift, which can be even more meaningful than a store-bought gift. If Dad has a sweet tooth, the kids can give a candy tie as a sweet twist on the typical Father's Day gift.

Lay a cellophane bag flat on a table. You can use clear or colored cellophane bags for this craft.

Fold up the two bottom corners of the bag so they meet in the middle and secure with tape. The bag should have a triangular point (like a tie) at the bottom when you turn it over.

Fill the bag with candy. Tie the bag closed with a plastic twist tie.

Cut out a small triangle out of card stock in a color that coordinates with the candy or the bag to make the tie knot.

Cut the tip off of one end of the triangle and round out the other two edges to give it the look of a tie knot. You can write a short message like "Happy Father's Day!" on it.

Tape the tie knot so that it covers the twist tie and the top of the bag completely.


Make tie designs by layering the candy in the bag by colors.

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