Low-Calorie Foods That Are Filling

By Cherrine Banks

Low-calorie foods provide nutrition without adding a high amount of calories. This allows you to feel full without worrying about ingesting too many calories. Low-calorie foods should include larger portions of water- and fiber-rich foods with limited sugar, salt and fat.


Vegetables are naturally low in calories and provide fiber. One low-calorie vegetable with high water content is carrots, which has both vitamin A and vitamin C. Eat carrots raw or add them to a garden salad with iceberg lettuce and tomatoes.

Broth-Based Soups

Soups have a high water content. Choose vegetable-based soups such as minestrone. One cup of minestrone has 112 calories and can make a nutritious snack. Add lean meat or poultry to the soup for additional flavor.


Eat beans and peas daily. Dry beans and peas have high amounts of fiber, including pinto beans and lima beans. Serve 1 cup of pinto beans with 5 oz. of lean, skinless turkey breast for lunch or dinner.

Whole Grains

Whole grains add fiber to your diet. For breakfast, eat one slice of toasted whole-wheat bread with one egg white and a slice of turkey. Or, eat a whole-wheat muffin with low-fat peanut butter.


Milk has a high amount of water. Add low-fat milk instead of water to a bowl of oatmeal topped with fresh fruit such as cherries. Enjoy low-fat milk in a fruit-yogurt smoothie, or sip a 6 oz. glass of warm milk for insomnia.


Fruits contain natural sugar, and are high in both water and fiber. Watermelon is a low-density fruit; enjoy it plain, add it to a fruit salad or create a smoothie with additional fruit such as honeydew.

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