How to Learn Makaton Sign

By Michelle Valenzuela
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Makaton is a sign language that uses gestures and simple pictures to represent words. It was developed in England in the 1970s for people with hearing impairment as well as other disabilities. It is based on British Sign Language and is still primarily used overseas, though it is emerging all over the world as a way of communicating with babies. Makaton has a core vocabulary of about 450 words, and users are encouraged to mouth or speak the words they are conveying. Learning Makaton is not especially difficult, but it takes practice to master the signs.

Step 1

Start with beginning words. Makaton signs are typically taught by category. Category 1 includes common words such as Mommy (tap three fingers into the palm of the other hand twice), Daddy (tap index and middle fingers on one hand twice on the top of the index and middle fingers on the other hand. There are 35 to 40 words in each of the nine categories. Once you have mastered one category, move onto the next.

Step 2

Incorporate pictures. Simple pictures are part of the Makaton system of communication. Your Makaton guide will include the simple sketches that accompany or replace gestures.

Step 3

Practice your skills. Even if others do not know Makaton, you can use it while speaking with them, since part of the Makaton system is vocalizing the words as well as signing them.

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