Kids Camps in Vancouver, B.C.

By Angus Koolbreeze
Camps can both be fun and educational for your child.
Camps can both be fun and educational for your child.

No matter what your child's recreational, vocational interests or educational needs may be, a kid's camp in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, exists for you. Whether your child needs remedial or supplementary academic instruction, or is interested in a possible career in creative technology, or wants to learn more about his favorite sport, you can find a camp within the city to engage your child while he is out of school for the summer.

Technology-Oriented Camps

If your child is between 9 and 14, and interested in animation, send him to Byte Camp. There he will learn how to design a video game, create 3D animations, and set up music videos. According to the camp's website, the program offers a wide variety of courses, including Intro to Animation, 2D Animation, Claymation Movie Production, and Flash Video Game Production, to name a few. The camp has designed these courses to be enjoyable and to help your youngster begin thinking of possible career paths.

General Academics-Based Camps

If you are concerned that your child may lose the advances he has made in his studies throughout the year, Little House Tutoring can reinforce the knowledge he gained during the academic year. For example, the camp teaches remedial language and mathematics skills to students of all ages, from preschool through college. In addition, for a summer education that goes beyond the basic academic subjects, Summer at St. George's just might be the camp for your child. This program includes classes in photography, robotics, science, computers, music, and art -- and for students from places where English is not their native tongue -- English as a Second Language, or ESL.

Environmental Camps

If you want to cultivate an interest in the environment in your child, enroll him in one of the environmental camps in town. Evans Lake Forest Center, for instance, is a program that teaches 8- to 16-year olds about the wonders of nature, such as the forest and the wild animals that live there. For additional ways your child can explore nature and become environmentally savvy, consider enrolling him in the Fun Society camp. There he will learn to appreciate other forms of energy besides the ones from fossil fuels he has come to know, such as gasoline and coal. He could even have the experience of building a solar car.

Sports Camps

The sports camps of Vancouver can help your child learn the skills and basic rules needed to participate in some of the sports he has always loved. For example, you can introduce your child to the principles of rock climbing by enrolling him in the Hive Boulding Gym, where individuals age 7 to 16 learn climbing techniques, and develop the physical strength required to do so. Also, Vancouver All Stars Baseball Camp offers children age 6 to 12 the chance to learn the basic principles of baseball, with a chance to be on field with the Vancouver Canadians; and Windsure Adventure Watersport, which offers courses in windsurfing, skinboarding, kayaking and sailing.

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