Kids' Birthday Parties in Austin

By Ronnie Dauber
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If your family has exhausted the backyard birthday party idea, and the prospect of 20 children running rampant through the house is just too much chaos to bear, host the next birthday party at a child-friendly venue in Austin to keep the children entertained and the home left undisturbed. Many venues provide party hosts to guide children through the events of the party and include extras, such as lunch menus, party supplies, birthday cake and goodie bags for an all-inclusive event.

Austin Children's Museum

Austin Children's Museum is equipped with a multitude of interactive exhibits, such as a three-level construction zone, art center and the In My Family exhibit, with interactive activities that introduce cultures from around the world. Party planners can host a party at the museum during regular operating hours or host a private before- or after-hours event where party guests have exclusive access to all the exhibits. Both types of packages include admission to the museum, a private party room, party host and passes for a return visit for each guest. For large birthday parties with at least 50 guests, host a sleepover at the museum, with activities, movies, scavenger hunts and pizza. Choose from a variety of themes for the event, such as Dinosaur Mania, Science Sleuth or Grossology.

Austin's Park

Austin's Park is an indoor and outdoor entertainment center with interactive arcade games, laser tag, rock climbing walls, kiddie thrill rides, go-karts and bumper boats, miniature golf and batting cages. The park offers a variety of birthday party packages for groups with a minimum of 10 guests. The Platinum Package for birthday parties includes admission to the park, a private party room for two hours, buffet lunch, beverages, party supplies, tokens for the arcade and access to all the rides and activities at the park. Party planners can purchase extras for the party, such as goodie bags, extra tokens and ice cream cups for each guest.

Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary

Party planners can arrange for a birthday party amid African lions, Bengal tigers, capuchin monkeys and ring-tailed lemur at the Austin Zoo. For party groups with 15 or more guests, the zoo offers a discounted admission for all-day access to the on-site exhibits and other activities. On the day of the party, parents can bring in food to serve in the picnic area or use the zoo's charcoal grill for hamburgers and hotdogs. Party guests can pet and feed the deer, goats, sheep and pigs and train rides through the zoo are available for an additional fee.

Dinosaur Park

The Dinosaur Park offers children a glimpse into the ancient past with life-size replicas of dinosaurs, ranging from an apatosaurus and a protoceratops, to a dilophosaurus and a tyrannosaurus rex. Birthday party packages at the park include invitations, a private picnic area for two hours where party planners can bring in outside food, and access to the activities at the park. Party guests can dig for imitation fossils, play on the equipment at the playgrounds and go on a prehistoric hunt.

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