Kids Activities in Tahlequah, OK

By K. Nola Mokeyane
Exposing your child to American Indian culture gives an early lesson in appreciating cultural diversity.
Exposing your child to American Indian culture gives an early lesson in appreciating cultural diversity.

Tahlequah is named by Cherokee Indians after a phrase that is pronounced Tah-le-ah-quah, meaning "two is enough to decide" -- which means that two people were enough to decide that the Cherokees would settle in this locale -- and is located in eastern Oklahoma in an area known as the Green Country. When looking for activities for your little one in Tahlequah, you're fortunate enough to have more than two options from which you can decide. Choose from cultural events and festivals, to outdoor adventures and recreational activities in Tahlequah to pique your little one's interests and sense of adventure.

Cultural Activities and Festivals

Throughout the year, the city of Tahlequah offers an array of annual cultural activities that'll give you and your little one a healthy dose of American Indian and Tahlequah culture. The Red Fern Festival in April ( has 1930s-style children's games for a "blast from the past," a past of which you probably weren't a part. The Murrell Home Lawn Social ( has been held for the past 19 years in June, and offers lawn games for your little one and activities for the entire family. The Snowflake Winter Festival in downtown Tahlequah ( offers ice skating, hot chocolate and appearances by Santa Claus that your tot is sure to enjoy.

Outdoor Adventures

Tahlequah has state parks that will allow your little one to spread his wings and become acquainted with the great outdoors. Tenkiller State Park ( has hiking trails and a swimming pool that you and your little one can enjoy together. The Upper Illinois River ( is a scenic river with plenty of catfish, walleye and largemouth bass that your little one can learn about as your family glides along a gentle canoe ride -- with her life vest securely fastened, of course. For an even more diverse nature lesson, take your little one to Tenkiller Lake ( for an afternoon spent bird-watching. A day outdoors will energize the family and expose your tot to the larger world around her.

Sports and Recreation

If you'd like to see your little one expend some of that energy that he seems to have in copious amounts, try getting your tot involved in sports and recreational activities in Tahlequah. Cheer It Up Jags ( offers tumbling and gymnastics classes and birthday parties for your preschooler. Melissa's Dance Studio ( offers classes for kids ages 3 and up, where your little one can flaunt an adorable leotard with some cute pink ballet shoes. The Tahlequah Soccer Club ( offers soccer for children ages 3 and up, which is an effective way to help your little one develop his hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

Educational Activities

A trip to your local library always works when thinking of things for your little one to do. The Tahlequah Public Library System ( offers story times for your toddler and preschooler to enjoy. You and your little one can also visit the Northeastern State University bookstore (, managed by Barnes and Noble, to browse and shop for new books from his favorite storybook characters. The Cherokee Heritage Center ( offers education days where staff engages preschoolers in hands-on activities that teach them about Cherokee culture.

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