Kid-Friendly Appetizer Ideas

By M.H. Dyer
Alistair Berg/Digital Vision/Getty Images

When you're planning your next big party, don't forget to include a few kid-size appetizers. While the adults are munching on crudites and hors d'oeuvres, the younger set won't feel left out if you provide them with a variety of tasty, colorful and fun appetizers that are just the right size for smaller fingers. Arrange the appetizers on a table that kids can easily reach, and provide small plates and napkins for busy kids to eat on the run.

Taco Cups

Mix up a batch of taco filling with your favorite taco ingredients such as seasoned ground beef and refried beans. Put a spoonful of the filling on small, bowl-shaped taco chips. Top the filling with cheese, salsa, sour cream and black olives. Arrange the taco cups on a serving platter.

Fruit Skewers

Remove the rind from cantaloupe, watermelon or honeydew. Stem and wash several fresh strawberries and grapes. Place the fruit on small plastic skewers. Serve the fruit skewers with small dipping bowls filled with caramel sauce, peanut butter and honey or yogurt.


Make a variety of miniature sandwiches perfect for small fingers, such as peanut butter and honey or banana or cheese and lunch meat. Cut the sandwiches into star or heart shapes with large cookie cutters. Alternatively, make sandwiches from soft tortilla shells, then cut into shapes.

Potato Pizza Bites

Cut a large potato into thin slices. Top the slices with olive oil, pizza sauce or ketchup and grated cheese. Add kid-friendly pizza toppers such as pepperoni slices or olives. Heat the pizza bites in the oven until the potatoes are crispy. Allow the pizza bites to cool before serving to small children.

Miniature Sausage and Phyllo

Cook a package of pork sausage, then stir in grated cheese. Add onions, garlic or or seasonings for older children. Place a spoonful of the sausage mixture on two sheets of phyllo dough, cut into four-inch strips, then wrap the sausage and phyllo, envelope-style. Bake until crispy.

Snack MIx

Make a fun snack mix for kids. Combine corn, rice or wheat cereal. Stir in peanuts, small pretzels or raisins. Add color with some candy-coated chocolate or fish-shaped crackers. Serve the snack mix in colored ice creams cones. Store any unused snack mix in an airtight container.