How to Increase the Chance of Having a Girl

By Candice Coleman
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If dreams of a baby bundle in pink and lace sounds appealing, several theories suggest ways to increase your chances of bringing home a baby girl. Though most methods are unproven and cannot guarantee that your family's next addition will be a daughter, some methods might boost your odds of having a girl. Your midwife or obstetrician might also have advice on what you can do to boost the odds.

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Consider using the Shettles Method to conceive a girl. Daily intercourse from the end of menstruation until three to four days before ovulation might boost chances of conceiving a girl, according to Sex should be avoided from that point until a few days after ovulation.

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Adjust intercourse according to the rules of the Shettles Method. Women hoping for a girl should avoid orgasm, which might promote a more favorable environment for conceiving boys, according to Sex positions that favor shallow penetration might also work better for those trying to conceive a daughter.

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Alter your diet. Your odds of conceiving a girl might be higher if your diet is low in nutrients such as sodium and potassium, but high in calcium and magnesium, according to registered dietitian Rachel Neifeld, writing for The theory is that such a diet makes the uterine more hospitable to female embryos. Your odds of conceiving a girl might increase if you are on the diet for several weeks before you conceive.

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Think about adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet. A British study at Nottingham University in 2000 found that meat-eaters were more likely to have boys, while vegetarians and vegans were more likely to have girls, according to the BBC. Omnivores had 106 boys for every 100 girls in the study, while vegetarians and vegans had 85 boys for every 100 girls.

Step 5

Talk to your doctor about other options for having a baby girl. Some procedures make it possible to separate the Y and X-carrying sperm before implantation. Though these procedures can significantly increase your odds of conceiving a girl, it is not guaranteed.

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