Ideas for What to Do on Christmas Eve Night With Friends & Family

By Wannikki Taylor
Start a new holiday tradition and go caroling with family and friends.
Start a new holiday tradition and go caroling with family and friends.

Since Christmas Day is an intimate time to spend at home with your children and spouse, reserve Christmas Eve night to celebrate the holiday with extended family members and close friends. Prepare a fun way to spend the night before Christmas and get in the holiday spirit with the people you love.

Bake Holiday Treats

Everybody will need to get a head start on baking cookies to set out a tray for Santa's arrival to their home. Invite everyone into your home kitchen for an evening of cookie baking. Roll out sugar or chocolate chip cookie dough. Grab holiday-themed cookie cutters and allow family members and friends to create gingerbread men, Christmas trees and candy canes. Tell each person to bring cookie decorating supplies to decorate her cookies with sprinkles and small candies. End the evening by having everyone sit by the fireplace to nibble on the baked cookies and sip hot cocoa. Be sure to leave some cookies aside for everyone to take home to leave out for Santa. Alternatively, have a cookie swap party. Assign each person to bring a different batch of decorated Christmas cookies. Set out the cookies on a table and give each person a tin to tote cookies back home for herself and Santa.

Sing Around Town

Gather family and friends to spread the good cheer with others by singing a few Christmas carols door to door. A few weeks before Christmas Eve, invite family and friends who are interested to come over for practice. Decide on what traditional holiday songs everyone feels comfortable singing. Let everyone pick a favorite holiday song to include in the medley of songs. Then, give out song lyrics and practice singing to harmonize perfectly together. Schedule additional times to practice again before your debut. Remind all singers to dress warmly, as you will be outside on a cold evening. On Christmas Eve night, decide on what houses you'll make your rounds to. Ring door bells and start singing as soon as residents open the doors. Additionally, your group can consider visiting a local nursing home to sing for and cheer up the residents.

Watch Holiday Classics

The arrival of the Christmas holiday brings a plethora of holiday movie classics for family and friends to enjoy together. Set the atmosphere of a movie theater in your living room. Dim the lights and provide everyone with blankets to stay cozy and warm while they watch movies. Set up a treat bar nearby with Christmas cookies, eggnog and hot cocoa for your guests. Gather a selection of holiday movies such as "Home Alone" or "It's a Wonderful Life" for everyone to vote on two or three to watch. For a spontaneous idea, write the names of the movies on slips of paper and pick two people to draw from a hat to decide what movies to watch. Additionally, you can turn movie night into a game and give out a trivia sheet for guests. Give a movie gift certificate to the person with the most correct answers.

Volunteer To Help

The holidays are a time for everyone to reflect on and appreciate the things they have in their lives. Gather family and friends to give a helping hand to the less fortunate. Several weeks before Christmas Eve, contact a local soup kitchen to ask about availability, as many kitchens book fast for volunteering near the holiday season. Book the late afternoon or evening shift for your group. Upon arrival, you and your group may be asked to do anything from serving dinner to preparing meals to cleaning up. Additionally, consider collecting food items from family members and friends ahead of time to donate to the shelter's food pantry. A local pediatric hospital may appreciate volunteers to help organize a holiday program for the children. You and your group can use your musical talents or present gifts to bring smiles to the patients' faces.

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