How to Sell Your Beanie Baby Collection

By Contributor

Beanie Babies are back! Ty has agreed to market more. The craze continues ...

Check a current Beanie Baby price guide.

Determine the value of each of your Beanie Babies.

Combine their total values to price the entire collection. You may sell all to one buyer or sell them individually.

Find a collectibles or antiques dealer.

Tell the dealer what you want for each item or for the entire collection.

Offer to give the dealer a cut of the profits for doing the selling for you.

Arrange payment and delivery methods either through the dealer or with the buyer.

Put an ad in a newspaper.

Include a description of the items for sale, the asking price, and contact information. The more descriptive the ad, the better chance you have of selling.

Include a photo of the Beanie Babies (and their original packaging if you have it).

Negotiate with potential buyers to determine a fair price and method of payment.