How to Put a Child Up for Adoption

By Contributor

Once you have decided to put your baby up for adoption, there are several ways to proceed.

Contact a licensed adoption agency - your physician or public health agency can refer you. They will choose the adoptive parents and take care of legal matters.

Contact an attorney, doctor, or other third party to arrange an independent adoption. No agency is involved, and the adoptive parents pay medical and legal costs, as well as any other costs mandated by the state.

Arrange an open adoption, in which you will have contact with both the child and the adoptive parents after the birth.


For help, look in the Yellow Pages under "Adoption Services," or ask your physician or religious leader for referrals. You can also try your state or county Health Care or Human Services agency.


As a birth mother, you have certain rights. Deal with an experienced agency or individuals, and/or involve an experienced adoption attorney to advise you of your rights and state laws regarding adoption.