How to Calculate Surrogacy Costs

By Parenting Editor
Calculate Surrogacy Costs

Surrogacy is an option anyone who wants a child but can't conceive. However, anyone planning to go this route should consider the expenses involved. Here's how to calculate the costs of surrogacy.

Start with the main part of the bill, the surrogate's fee. Her fee will vary, depending on her level of experience, whether she will be providing a traditional or gestational surrogacy and her individual circumstances.

Factor in the costs for the surrogacy agency, if you choose to use one. You can avoid agency fees by going it on your own. Independent matches are becoming common, now that surrogates and prospective parents can find one another over the Internet.

Choose between a traditional or gestational surrogacy. A traditional surrogacy generally costs less than a gestational surrogacy. With a gestational surrogacy, you also must include the costs of egg collection, storage, fertilization, the surrogate's hormonal treatments and the In Vitro fertilization procedure. It also may take several attempts before the In Vitro process works, and it might not work at all.

Add the costs of an egg donor, if you are planning a gestational surrogacy and cannot use your own eggs.

Estimate the cost of the surrogate's medical expenses. You will incurring costs for prenatal appointments, labor and delivery. These costs will be reduced if the surrogate has insurance that will cover pregnancy and delivery and if you have insurance that will cover the baby after birth.

Include any travel costs that you may incur, including meeting the surrogate, attending special prenatal appointments and attending the birth of the baby.