How to Make a Homemade Slip 'n Slide

By eHow Contributor
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Slip 'n Slide was a popular water toy made by Wham-O in the 1980s. Most kids who grew up during those years will remember that the best part about hot summer days was rolling out the bright yellow water slide in the backyard. The 80s are long gone, but that doesn't mean you can't still do some slipping and sliding in your yard.

Step 1

Remove all rocks and sharp objects from a section of your yard, preferably one with a slight incline. Use sand to patch up any holes or rough areas in the lawn for a smooth and safe slide area. Lay out the plastic on the grass.

Step 2

Keep your slide in place by placing sandbags at all four corners.

Step 3

Douse the slide with water. If you have a sprinkler that attaches to your garden hose, those are great to keep the slide slippery, and they're fun to slide under.

Step 4

For an extra slippery slide, pour a little bit of liquid soap onto the slide. If the slide is not slick enough and not easy enough to slide down, it could cause knees and elbows to get red and irritated. You also want to make sure that the soap or lubricant that you're using does not irritate eyes. Baby soap or baby shampoo, used sparingly, is ideal.

Step 5

Continue to wet the slide and add soap as needed.