Helping Teens Become Organized

By Jaimie Zinski
Help your teen eliminate clutter in her bedroom.
Help your teen eliminate clutter in her bedroom.

Teenagers and disorganization sometimes go hand in hand, however that constant clutter and procrastination might be causing her to lose focus on important tasks, including homework. According to, helping your teen get organized involves reducing clutter, staying focused and teaching him effective time-management skills.


Start the process of organizing your teenager's life in her bedroom. With your teenager's assistance, go through her closet, desk, dresser and anywhere else clutter is hiding and divide everything you find into three piles: keep, toss and donate. Keep any important papers, including homework and other school-related documents, clothing, shoes and other items your teenager either wears or uses regularly. Toss any old papers, tattered clothing and pizza boxes you find under the bed. Donate any clothing, shoes or other items your teenager hasn't used or even touched in one year. Once you're done decluttering, create a list of everything your teenager needs to become more organized, including plastic storage bins and folders.

A Place for Everything

Once your teenager's room is decluttered, divide everything and determine where it belongs. For instance, store your teenager's dressy clothing, jeans and shoes in the closet. Reserve the dresser for undergarments, socks, shorts and T-shirts. Divide everything left and place the items into separate plastic storage containers. Label the containers and find a neat place to tuck them away. For instance, place any school supplied in a labeled container and store it under a desk. Organize the teenager's video game collection and store it under the bed. Remind your teenager to put everything away when she's finished using it.

Weekly Calender

Keep your teenager's life more organized by creating a easy-to-follow daily calender. Each Sunday, sit down with your teenager and plan out her activities for the week. Include any important school functions, tests, meetings and sporting events. Using a dry erase board allows the teen to modify or add events as they come up. Hang the calender in your teen's bedroom or a common area, if you're planning to make additions to the calender as well, such as doctor's appointments or reminders. Once the weekly planner is in place, help your stay organized on a day-to-day basis by implementing a short check-list system. For instance, go over your teen's school assignments and homework to ensure everything is up-to-date.

At School

Helping your teenager stay organized at school is more challenging simply because you're not there to oversee her progress. Work with your teenager to create a system that allows her to remain on task and organized while away from the home. For instance, provide your teen with several labeled folders or metal lockers shelves. Small magnetic hooks also allow your teen to keep her locker organized. With your teen's assistance, help her go through her backpack at the end of each week and remove any unnecessary paperwork, including old tests. Respect your teen's privacy if she isn't willing to allow you to dig through her backpack and instead encourage her to perform this weekly ritual on her own.

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