How to Give Your Baby a Native American Name

By eHow Parenting Editor

Many Native Americans are looking back to their roots when naming their children. Below is a selection of Native American names and their meanings. The tribe from which the name originated appears in parentheses.

Choose a name that means beauty. For a girl, these include Hurit and Mahwah (Algonquin). For boys, try Hurritt (Algonquin).

Decide on a strong name. For girls, Nita (Choctaw) means bear and Winema (Moquelumnan) means woman chief. For boys, Kitchi (Algonquin) means brave, Menewa (Creek) means great warrior and Tyee (Bannock) means chief.

Select a spiritual name. For a girl, Nahimana (Dakota) means mystic and Kachina (Hopi) means spirit. For boys, Achak (Algonquin) means spirit, Yakez (Carrier) means heaven, Alo (Hopi) means spiritual guide and Cheveyo (Hopi) means spirit warrior.

Opt for an animal name. For girls, Ahawi (Cherokee) means deer, Woya (Cherokee) means dove, Kamama (Cherokee) means butterfly, Migisi (Chippewa) means eagle and Nita (Choctaw) means bear. For boys, Okomi (Arapaho) means coyote, Honi (Arapaho) means wolf, Wohali (Cherokee) means eagle, Avonaco (Cheyenne) means loving bear and Onacoma (Cherokee) means white owl.

Choose a name suggestive of nature's beauty. For girls, Talisa (Creek) means beautiful water, Nova (Hopi) means chases butterfly, Yamka (Hopi) means blossom and Hateya (Moquelumnan) means footprints in the sand. For boys, Misu (Miwok) means rippling water.