How to Get Jobs for Teens in Retail

By Amy Sutton
mangostock/iStock/Getty Images

Having a part-time job in retail is appealing to many teens. Not only does a job give teens extra money, it also makes them more independent, boosts their self-confidence and helps them develop a good work ethic. As an added bonus, many retail establishments offer discounts to employees. Retail jobs can be part time, full time or seasonal and include working at grocery stores, convenience stores, department stores, drug stores and fast-food restaurants.

Work Laws

Determine how many hours you will allow your teen to work and research whether or not she needs a work permit. For example, Missouri teens under 14 are not allowed to work, but 14- to 15-year-olds can work with restrictions. Alternatively, In New York, any teen under 18 must have a work permit before being allowed to work, the New York State Department of Labor website states. Contact the Department of Labor in your state to get specific teen work permit information.

Retail Jobs and Duties

Your teen should look for a job that involves something she likes so she can enjoy the time she spends working. For example, if she loves fashion, a job in a clothing, shoe or electronics store might be a good fit. A "foodie" might focus on a job in a grocery store or at a fast-food restaurant. Most of these jobs start at minimum wage.

Applying for Jobs

Help your teen find potential jobs by looking through the "Help Wanted" ads in your local newspaper, scouring online job boards, which allow job seekers to tailor their search by type of job, preferred location and more. You can also drop by retail stores and ask for an application. Contact any friends, family or other acquaintances who work in retail, who might be able to help your teen get a foot in the door.

Job Interviews

Help your teen create a resume to take along to his interviews. Include information such as education, academic awards, prior work experience, school clubs, special skills and volunteer work, the website TeensGuideToMoney suggests.

Ensure your teen dresses nicely and looks presentable when he goes for an interview. Encourage him to be respectful and stay positive during the interview. Do a practice interview at home to help him prepare. Questions could include why he thinks he is qualified for the job and what skills he possesses.