Fun Ways to Make Teens Feel Special

By Stephen Maughan
Teenagers like to feel special and appreciated.
Teenagers like to feel special and appreciated.

If you want to so something special for your child, it might be difficult to know exactly what to do because teenagers can be mercurial. However, according to the website Healthy Children, teenagers feel special if you treat them as individual and responsible adults, and take their interests and opinions seriously.

Hobbies and Interests

Find the hobbies and interests your teenager has that you can support. If they enjoy art at school, then taking them to a art gallery is a fine way to bond as well as a way to make them feel special. If they are interested in rock music, you can buy tickets for a concert for one of their favorite bands. Younger teens might be thrilled for you to go along too, but older teens may prefer to go without you, but will appreciate you for taking an interest and buying them tickets.

Praise and Celebrate

An effective way to increase a teen's self-esteem is to celebrate their achievements. The article "Don't Just Reward Teens for Good Grades" published on the School Family website in 2013 warns against rewarding teens with money or material objects, but instead to do something personal such as going out for dinner together, spending a whole day together doing whatever the teen wants, or giving your teen use of the car for the weekend.


An effective way to make your teen feel special and appreciated is to have her volunteer in the community, or you could also volunteer as a family. According to the TeensHealth website, the volunteering opportunity needs to be tailored to the teen's hobbies and interests. For example, a teen who's into skateboarding could join a skateboarding organization, or a teen who loves animals could volunteer at the animal shelter.

Room Decoration

A teenager's room gives them feelings of privacy and independence, so it's worthwhile to make it as comfortable as possible. An August 2011 Washington Post article titled "Making a Teen's Bedroom Special," recommends spending time talking with teens on how they want their room to be, rather than deciding for them. Getting teens involved in decorating their room can be a fun project to do together.