How to Successfully Get Rid of The Flu as Fast as Possible

By braniac

Have your kids caught the flu recently and you just want it gone? Here are a few ways to make that happen.

Signs of the flu can come on fast and furious. Once you notice these symptoms in your child or children, your reaction is key to getting it gone fast. First, break out the Ibuprofen and a small spoonful of NyQuil. This will start working immediately on the fever and body aches.

Now make some hot sweet tea and homemade chicken soup with lots of carrots in it. Be sure you offer the tea to your child/children every couple of hours. Have them eat at least a half a bowl of the soup, do not force them to eat. If they do not want the soup, try french fries with salt, do not force them. Drinking is more important during the flu.

Once you have given the medicine, the tea and soup, it is now time to give them a warm bath and let their bodies relax. This will also make them tired. Once they are through with the bath, have them dress lightly, do not over bundle them. With the flu comes fever, dressing to warm will make the fever spike up.

Now that you have everything done, the best thing for a child with the flu is sleep. Have them lay down and eventually they will fall asleep. Keep checking on them, do not worry if they sleep for hours, it is good for them. The more rest they get, the faster their bodies heal.