How to Fix Your Infant Girl's Hair if She Barely Has Any

By Amie Taylor Images

An old wives tale says that an expectant mother who experiences heartburn will have a baby with an abundant head of hair. However, not all babies are born with a full head of hair, or any hair at all. When your daughter's hair is slowly coming in, there are still cute ways to style what hair she does have and give her a new look for everyday life or a special occasion.

Style dry, flyaway hair by rubbing a tiny drop of baby oil between your palms and then smoothing it on baby's hair. Use a soft-bristled brush intended for infants to smooth her hair into place with a side part.

Apply a dab of baby oil to her hair, and gently brush the hair on top of her toward the center. Create a topknot that curls either right or left -- reminiscent of Kewpie dolls from the early 1900s -- using your fingers or a small, round brush to direct the curve of the hair.

Dry her hair gently with a hairdryer using the lowest setting. Fluff her hair with your fingers and place a stretchy headband with a bow on her head for an easy, girlie look.

Dampen her hair with a little water, and scrunch it with your fingers to bring out natural curls. Allow it to air dry.

Dampen your fingers with water, and wind the strands of hair that surround her face around your finger to create old-fashioned curls for a Betty Boop look. Allow hair to air dry.