How to Fight Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

By Kathryn Walsh
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Holding your positive pregnancy test, and later holding your newborn, may be two of the happiest moments in your life. Some of the things that happen between those two moments, however, aren't so wonderful. Morning sickness -- something of a misnomer, as nausea lasts all day in some women -- is one of those tribulations. This affliction affects at least seven in 10 women during the first trimester, says the March of Dimes. While morning sickness may be inevitable, misery is not.

Step 1

Keep some food in your stomach at all times. Snack throughout the day, rather than eating traditional meals. Keep food by your bed for midnight snacking and for first thing in the morning. Opt for foods that are easily digested and low in fat -- but don't sacrifice your health by eating only crackers and bread. Try eating yogurt, smoothies with fresh veggies and fruit, and lean meats. Don't drink too much while you eat, which may make you feel uncomfortably full and trigger nausea.

Step 2

Remove strong odors from your environment. Put away candles and room fresheners. Ask your partner to take over cleaning and cooking duties and to ease up on cologne during this time. Some women find that certain smells, even those they normally enjoy, make morning sickness worse. Keep windows open whenever possible, and use fans to move air around your home and office.

Step 3

Keep ginger-based products on hand at all times. Drink ginger tea, snack on ginger cookies, suck on ginger candies and sip flat ginger ale. The American Pregnancy Association also suggests smelling lemons or drinking lemonade to ease morning sickness.

Step 4

Wear loose-fitting clothing. Wearing tight clothing won't necessarily make your morning sickness worse, but it may make you feel more bloated and uncomfortable. Dress in loose, soft dresses and pants. Layer T-shirts together and wear thin sweaters so you can easily adjust your clothing when a wave of nausea and warmth hits you.

Step 5

Talk to your doctor about your vitamin intake. Ask whether you should take B6 supplements, as this vitamin decreases nausea in some pregnant women. Take your prenatal vitamins at the time of day during which you're least nauseous.

Step 6

Consider holistic and alternative medicine. According to, acupressure wristbands, acupuncture treatments and even hypnosis have eased nausea in some pregnant women, though there's no guarantee any of these methods will work for you.

Step 7

Talk to your doctor about prescription antinausea medications if your morning sickness doesn't respond to any other methods. Don't take over-the-counter antinausea drugs without first consulting your doctor.

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