How to Estimate a Toddler's Height

By Susan Revermann Images

As you muse over your toddler’s future and all of the wonderful possibilities, it can be fun to predict the child’s height for these visualizations. If you want to know by how many inches he will be towering over his Olympic goal medal case, for instance, you can implement a few different height-predicting techniques to get a rough idea of where he will be later on in life.

Step 1

Add the height, in inches, of the child’s mother and the father. If the toddler is a girl, subtract 5 inches from that number or add 5 inches if it’s a boy. Divide the number by two to get the future height estimate. According to the Mayo Clinic, this formula can provide a reasonable guess but is not a proven predictor of height.

Step 2

Convert the mother's and father’s height into centimeters and add the two numbers together. Add 13 centimeters if the toddler is a boy or subtract 13 centimeters if she is a girl. Cut that number in half for a future height in centimeters.

Step 3

Double the toddler’s height at age 2. The Mayo Clinic also offers this estimating tool to predict how tall the little one will get.

Step 4

Use a height-predicting calculator found online. This handy option is quick and works well if math isn’t a strong subject for you.