Directions for Cutting Boys' Hair

By Noreen Wainwright
small boy in summer beach image by Antalia from

There are good reasons to decide to cut a little boy's hair at home. Money, for instance --- most boys will need a haircut at least every two months, and particularly for families with more than one child, this can amount to a considerable sum of money each year. Also, younger children often feel uncomfortable at a barber's shop or salon, and will feel more at ease at home. However, it is not something to be rushed through, and some planning and preparation is necessary.

Choose a hairstyle for the little boy. Do not attempt anything too complicated, particularly the first time you cut the hair. Consider the texture and length of the hair. It is easier to cut curly hair at home. If the child is very young, ask someone else to help you, by distracting the child, or holding him.

Wash or wet the hair, as it is then easier to cut. If the hair dries while cutting, use a spray mist bottle to wet it again. Remember that the hair will look shorter when cut, so do not take too much off. Start at the nape of the neck, using the comb as a guide, cut. Hold the strands of hair between your index and middle finger, holding both your fingers and the hair vertically. Do not hold horizontally, as lines will be visible.

Shape the hair around the ears, being very careful not to cut the child's ear. Hold the ear out of your way, with your other hand. Cut an angle where the sideburn would be, starting at the middle and angling back. Now that you have shaped the hair, begin cutting the hair length up towards the scalp, leaving longer lengths at the top. Dry the hair. Look at it, and trim any stray bits of hair.