Cute Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

By Jack John
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Halloween doesn't need to be filled with tricks or spooks; it can be filled with sweets and treats and be completely fun and friendly for babies. If you have a baby girl who will be celebrating her very first Halloween, you may be wondering what to dress her up as. The options for cute Halloween costumes are as limitless as the amount of cute everyday clothing that is available for baby girls. No matter what costume you choose, your baby is sure to be as cute as a button on Halloween.


All little girls are princesses in their own right, but on Halloween, they get the chance to dress the part. Simply purchase a pretty dress for your baby, place a tiara on her head and perhaps give her a little toy scepter to hold onto (or just place beside her). She will certainly attract a lot of attention.


Dress your baby girl up as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz." Put her in a blue dress (gingham, if possible) and have her wear a pair of sparkly red shoes. If you can't find the shoes, make a pair yourself. Simply apply glue to a pair of shoes and sprinkle some red glitter on them. If your baby isn't comfortable in shoes, have her wear a pair of red socks. You can have her carry a plush dog around, too, as her Toto.


Turn your little blossom into an actual blossom on Halloween. Dress her in a green shirt and green pants, to resemble the stem of the flower. Use a hot glue gun to secure artificial blooms to a hat. If you want, you can also glue some blooms to her shirt and pants, turning her into a virtual garden of flowers.

Friendly Witch

While a witch is an expected Halloween costume, it is just so adorable when it is worn by a baby. Dress your baby girl in a black shirt and pants. If you like, you can also put her in a colorful tutu in order to give her costume a special pop of color and add another dimension. Place a small witch's hat on her head and she's ready to go trick-or-treating. If you want, you can carry a broom around for her and have her hold onto a plush black cat.

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