How to Cope With Extreme Fatigue During Early Pregnancy

By eHow Contributor

Coping with extreme fatigue in pregnancy is not an easy task. Most mothers feel extremely tired during the first trimester of pregnancy. This is when all of your hormone levels are increasing to support your new baby, your uterus is growing a placenta to nourish your baby and your baby is growing by leaps and bounds. All of this new growth consumes a lot of your energy, but you can take certain steps to potentially alleviate some of the extreme fatigue.

Step 1

Don't play "Supermom." If you need a nap, take a nap. Even a 30-minute nap can really provide you with much needed energy. Divide your chores on different days instead of running multiple errands on one day. Delegate some of your work to family or friends, if need be. Generally, take care of yourself and honor your body's needs.

Step 2

Make sure you are taking prenatal vitamins. A good prenatal vitamin can really help raise your energy level, in addition to providing good supplements to baby's growth. Look for a vitamin that contains a lot of natural ingredients, such as from a whole foods or health food store. Most times, these vitamins absorb more easily in the body and contain less fillers and more nutrition.

Step 3

Eat healthy. Eat a fair share of fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean meats and skim milk. You should also be consuming about 300 to 400 extra calories a day to support baby growth. Healthy foods can really make a difference in how you feel daily.

Step 4

Avoid caffeine as an energy boost. Caffeine may give you an initial boost of energy, but it makes you more tired at the end of the day. It's best to just avoid caffeine if you want as much energy as possible.

Step 5

If you feel like nothing is helping and your fatigue is preventing you from working or taking care of necessary things, get your iron level checked. Sometimes, iron levels drop, causing iron deficiency anemia, which makes the fatigue worse -- almost unbearable. If the results of your test show a low iron count, your doctor will put you on an iron supplement, which could make a huge difference between extreme fatigue and normal tiredness.

Step 6

Participate in moderate exercise. Taking a walk or doing daily pregnancy yoga or aerobics can make a difference in your overall energy level.