How to Strip Cloth Diapers, Get rid of stink and leaks!

By braniac

Do your cloth diapers leak? Do they stink? Are you ready to give up on being a cloth diapering mom and go back to the ease of disposable? Don't give up yet! Try the steps below!

Fill your washer with WARM water! Even if you're only stripping a few diapers, I usually use a large load setting for the water!

Put your diapers in the washer and let the cycle start moving for a minute.

Add a small amount of liquid dawn (dishwashing soap) to your wash. Make sure it is just plain dawn, no bleach or softening agents added.

Let the wash go for two minutes.

Add another small amount of dawn to the wash.

Keep adding soap little by little until you feel there is enough soap to wash the amount of diapers you are washing. You do not want to add too much soap at one time because it will make too many bubbles and this soap is not made for use in a washer, so you don't want overflowing bubbles in your house!

Once the first wash is finished, keep running the wash over and over again ntil you see no soap bubbles in the wash!

Once all the bubbles are gone, the stripping is done! Your diapers should be ready to go again like brand new!