How to Clear Snot out of Baby's Nose

By Hillary Marshall
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Your baby cannot blow his nose, so he is dependent on you to clear it for him. Congestion should not be left in your baby’s nose because it not only causes discomfort, but it can lead to infection. Removing excess congestion also makes it easier for your baby to eat, sleep and breathe. To clear snot out of your baby’s nose, use a nasal aspirator, or bulb syringe.

Step 1

Hold your baby in an upright position. Place the tip of the saline bottle into the tip of your baby’s nose. Gently squirt the saline into each nostril. Wipe the tip after each nostril.

Step 2

Lay your baby with his head slightly lower than the rest of his body. This will allow the saline to loosen the congestion.

Step 3

Squeeze the rubber bulb of the device. Gently place it in the tip of your baby’s nostril. Ensure that you seal your baby’s nostril against the tip of the bulb syringe.

Step 4

Slowly release the grip on the bulb. As you release you grip on the bulb and it expands, the suction will draw out mucus from your baby’s nose.

Step 5

Repeat steps one and two, two to three times in each nostril. After treatment is complete, suction warm soapy water in and out of the bulb several times to keep it clean.

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