How to Clean a Stroller

By Susan Revermann Images

Just because your strollers help you transport your little one easily from place to place doesn’t mean you have to bring the food particles, fingerprints and unidentified grime along for the ride. You should clean your stroller on a regular basis, roughly once a month or more frequently, if needed. Remembering this important maintenance task helps keep it sanitary and looking nice.

Step 1

Remove the seat pad from your stroller, if you can. Run the pad through the delicate cycle of your washing machine using cold water or according to the care tag on the pad. Once the washing cycle is complete, hang the pad up to air dry. Running it through the dryer may shrink it.

Step 2

Brush off or vacuum up any debris or food particles from the seat of the stroller.

Step 3

Fill a bucket with warm soapy water. Your regular dish soap works well for this. Grab a clean sponge or washcloth. Dip the washcloth or sponge into the water and wring out the excess water.

Step 4

Thoroughly wipe down the seat, stroller frame, food tray, cup holders, rain cover and any other surface that needs it. Rinse and refresh your washcloth or sponge periodically. Wash the wheels last, if they need some cleaning.

Step 5

Let the stroller air dry for several hours until completely dry. You don’t want to fold it up and store it when it is still wet, as it may grow mildew or mold.