How to Clean a Graco Safe Seat

By Katie Tonarely
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Babies are messy, and most of what they come in contact with needs to washed frequently. Car seats are no exception. If you have a Graco Safeseat, knowing how to correctly clean it will help keep it in like-new condition. Car seats have a lot of features and parts, so be sure to position and anchor the straps properly for your child's safety after the seat is clean.

Step 1

Turn the Safeseat upside down so that you have access to the back of the seat.

Step 2

Remove the harness straps from their metal junction plate on the back of the seat. To do this, find a small tab that holds the anchor clips in place, push it aside and pull the anchor clips out of their indentations. Pull the anchor clips off the harness straps.

Step 3

Push the harness straps through the front of the car seat through the slots.

Step 4

Pull the Safeseat cover off the plastic shell.

Step 5

Machine wash the cover on a delicate cycle.

Step 6

Wipe down the plastic shell and metal restraint parts with mild soap.

Step 7

Clean the buckle with a damp cloth. If there is build-up or grime, use a scrub brush to carefully get into hard-to-reach places. Choose a scrub brush that will not damage the plastic. Do not scrub hard.

Step 8

Spot-clean the harness straps with soap and water, but do not immerse them into water, as this could weaken them. Also, ironing the straps can damage them.

Step 9

Place the car-seat cover back onto the plastic shell.

Step 10

Pull the straps through the correct slot and place them in the metal junction plate. Place the anchor clips back into their indentations.

Step 11

Pull the strap that goes between the baby’s legs through the cover.

Step 12

Tighten the cover as needed to fit the baby snugly.

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