Christian Camps for Problem Boys in Texas

By Amy Sutton
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Life for boys can be tough sometimes. As they are growing into men, they are dealing with body changes; wanting to fit in; feelings of needing to be independent from their parents; and the temptations of alcohol, tobacco, drugs and girls. All of these things combined can be stressful and cause boys to find trouble. Parents who are unable to get through to their son themselves can seek assistance. Christian camps aim to help guide troubled boys through these trying times, by building character and reinforcing positive habits and behavior. The Lone Star State of Texas is home to an assortment of Christian camps and schools for troubled youth.

Hallsville Camp

In Hallsville, two hours east of Dallas, you'll find the Heartlight Ministries. This Christian boarding school offers help to troubled youth and their families, with counseling and mentoring. Your troubled boy can be enrolled in a residential program that includes group counseling sessions; individual counseling; academics; church lessons; and additional fun activities, such as fishing, rappelling, wakeboarding, horseback riding, skeet shooting, paintball, guitar lessons, pottery, crafts, art and weightlifting. Special weekend family retreats are planned, where you family can visit your son and participate in activities that help you get to know the other parents, camp residents and the staff.

Ingram and Leakey Ranches

Youth Ranch is a Christian residential treatment center for troubled kids, ages 6 to 18. There are two ranch locations, one in Leakey, around two hours west of San Antonio, and the other in Ingram, about one hour, 10 minutes northwest of San Antonio. You can choose from a year-round residential treatment program or one of the summer camp programs. Both offer Christian guidance, along with therapy and activities like performing arts, swimming, a ropes course, playground time, sports and dances.

Cameron Ranch

Resolution Ranch is located near Cameron, around one hour, 20 minutes northeast of Austin. The program at Resolution Ranch consists of a customizable academic curriculum; counseling; and equine activities, such as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning. This facility treats boys with a variety of problems, including those with a history of violence, depression, alcohol or drug use, low self-esteem and unmanageable behavior. Parents are encouraged to stay involved through an aftercare program, which includes a written plan for the student and parents, along with monitoring and check-ins once the boy returns home.

Boerne Ranch

Camp Shield is a camp staffed by firefighters, police officers, ministers and teachers that are all dedicated to the ministry and work to build character and courage, and encourage leadership and teamwork in boys. Camp Shield is located in Boerne, about 30 minutes from San Antonio. Activities at this weeklong overnight camp include paintball, obstacle courses, archery, survival skills, swimming, camping and strategy games, each designed to teach skills that will create successful Christian men.