How to Choose Baby Boy Names

By eHow Contributor
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Choosing a name for your child can be a lot of fun, but also can be quite stressful, since it will be something he carries for the rest of his life. There are many ways to get a list made before narrowing it down to just the right name, from looking at your ancestors' names to finding out what's trendy.

Step 1

Purchase a small notebook so that you will have a place to keep your name ideas over the course of the months. Keep the notebook close at hand so that you're always ready to jot down names you hear when you're out and about.

Step 2

Discuss with your partner what your ideas for types of names might be. Do you prefer trendy or old-fashioned? Are long-standing favorites in the mix, or should the name be something new? Communicate about what names will be "definitely out" or could be "definitely in," especially if there is a traditional family name to consider passing on to your child.

Step 3

Consider what's popular. According to the Baby Center website, the 20 most popular names in 2010 were Aiden, Jacob, Jackson, Ethan, Jayden, Noah, Logan, Caden, Lucas, Liam, Mason, Caleb, Jack, Brayden, Connor, Ryan, Matthew, Michael, Alexander and Landon.

Step 4

Keep collecting names in your notebook. There are many websites devoted to offering baby name ideas, or you can visit a local bookshop and search through the baby boy name books. Narrow your list to a top 20 names you both agree on, then top 10 and so on, and and by the baby's birthday he'll have the right name.