How to Get Cheap Designer Kids' Clothes That Fit Within Your Budget

By S.R. Becker
Dress your child in designer duds for less with diligent shopping.
Dress your child in designer duds for less with diligent shopping.

If you've looked at the designer clothing celebrity children wear and wished you could afford it, you're not alone. However, you don't have to be a pop star or actor to dress your child in name-brand fashions. You might not have designers beating down your door to dress your little fashionista, but you can buy her clothes for a significant discount if you know how to hunt. Thanks to the Internet, designer children's clothes are more accessible than ever.

Visit online auction sites frequently, but don't bid until the last minute. Add items to your watch list if the site has one, and make a note of when auctions end. Start bidding in the last couple of minutes, when you have the best chance of winning the item for just over what the last bidder bid. You might find that you can win auctions by pennies in the last second.

Shop at kids' consignment stores, which sometimes have better merchandise than thrift stores. In a consignment store, the seller splits the cost of the item with the shop owner, which means valuable pieces don't sell unless the seller gets the price she wants. If an item has been in the store for a while, however, ask the owner or manager if the seller is willing to accept a discount.

Check listings on local websites, and don't be afraid to ask the seller to take less on designer children's items, especially if you're interested in buying multiple pieces.

Shop designers' sample and trunk sales. If your child is the same size as the sample size, you can often score a significant discount. Sign up for designers' mailing lists or visit their websites regularly to find out about sample sale dates.

Check clearance racks at the end of the season. If you're willing to buy an item that's too big for your child now, it's likely to fit after another year goes by.

Visit local thrift stores often. You never know what will turn up, but designer pieces are often snatched up quickly by people who know what they're worth -- especially online auction sellers. Ask the sales staff when they hang new shipments and when their discount days are. Shops often have color-coded tags, and a certain color will be discounted on a certain day. Tell the owner or manager what you're looking for and leave your number. They might be willing to call you when designer pieces in your child's size come in.

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