How to Care for American Girl Doll Hair

By Faith Alessio
Faith Alessio

American Girl Dolls have realistic hair that gives little girls a great chance to practice their styling techniques. But what do you do when that hair gets dirty or tangled? Learn how to keep the hair usable for years of playing.

Hair Care

Brush your American Girl doll's hair every time you style it, or at least once a week. Use short, gentle strokes, starting with the ends. When the ends are tangle-free, then brush the next section up. Work in small sections until you reach the roots.

Use baby shampoo if you must wash your doll's hair. Use only a tiny bit and rinse gently. After washing, brush the hair out very thoroughly, starting from the ends and working up.

Run a towel gently down the hair in one direction to soak up any excess water. Let the hair air dry. American Girl doll hair is plastic and it may melt or become frizzy if you use a blow dryer.


Use a spray bottle with water to dampen your doll's hair if necessary for styling.

Secure ponytails or braids with covered hair elastics or plastic barrettes. Regular rubber bands or metal barrettes snag and break the hair.

Curl your American Girl doll's hair with damp sponge rollers or the curlers that you can buy from the American Girl company.

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