How to Calculate a Pregnancy Due Date After IVF

By Kathryn Hatter
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With a positive pregnancy test, one of the first things you want to know might be your due date. When your pregnancy begins with in vitro fertilization, this high-tech assistance will give you information about the exact timing of conception. IVF is a process in which medication is given to induce several eggs to mature and be released by the ovaries. The eggs are then retrieved and mixed with sperm. Several days later the embryo transferred to the uterus, according to the Center for Reproductive Health & Gynecology based in California. Because these steps happen with precise timing, calculating your due date is simple math.

Step 1

Consult your physician to find out the type of IVF embryo transfer you received and the dates of your IVF procedures, if you don’t have this information. To calculate your due date, you must know the date of egg retrieval, or the date and type of embryo transfer. Typical transfers are three-day and five-day, according to, a resource website for perinatologists.

Step 2

Add 266 days to the date of your egg retrieval and find the day your baby is due, advises the Advanced Fertility Center of Chicago. For example, if your egg retrieval occurred on July 1, 2014, your due date would be March 24, 2015. Alternatively, you can count in weeks. Move forward 38 weeks from the date of egg retrieval to calculate your due date.

Step 3

Adjust the due date for an unusual embryo transfer time, if necessary. With the typical three- or five-day embryo transfer time, no adjustment is necessary. If you have a one-, two-, four- or six-day embryo transfer, your physician may calculate the due date using the embryo transfer date and the number of days of the transfer instead, states the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

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