Birthday Party Activities for Little Girls

By Lisa Walker
You birthday girl might want to be a princess for the day.
You birthday girl might want to be a princess for the day.

The secret to a successful child's birthday party is plenty of planning and lots of activities to keep the kids busy. If you have little girls to entertain, you might want to indulge their love of clothes, pampering and all things pretty, as well as include some games and activities that are just plain fun.

Arts and Crafts

Consider setting up some craft projects for the little girls. You could cut out handbag shapes from card stock for them to decorate with crayons, glitter and stickers. You could also buy paper bags with handles for them to decorate and then fill with party treats to take home. Another option is to cut out large butterfly wings from poster board -- which they can decorate with poster paints and glitter. They can wear these if you punch in holes and thread through lengths of ribbon to tie under their arms. Still another fun option is to provide beads and string for them to make necklaces or bracelets -- but make sure these are large wooden beads for very young girls. Alternatively, lay out candies or cereals with holes in the center for edible jewelery-making.


Hide lots of card-stock butterflies and ladybugs all over your venue before the party -- and then send your party guests on a hunt to find them. You might also adapt the traditional game of pin the tail on the donkey. For example, instead of pinning a tail on a donkey, the girls might like pinning the lips on a princess face or the "horn" on a unicorn. Another traditional game that you can adapt for little girls is hot potato. Use a small stuffed toy as the "hot potato." Have the girls sit in a circle, turn on some music -- and tell the girls to pass the "potato" around the circle. The one holding it when you stop the music must sit out the next round. The last little girl left in the circle wins the stuffed toy.


Most little girls like a bit of pampering. Give them natural ingredients such as yogurt, honey, oatmeal, banana and mashed avocado to mix into face masks. You should hear lots of giggles as they try to smear the "masks" on their faces. Give everyone a cloth, towel and small bowl of warm water for cleaning up afterwards. Find some children's nail polish and moisturizing cream -- and give them mini manicures and/or pedicures -- but make sure their parents approve first. Use hair bands, clasps, beads and other accessories to give them all new hairdos. You might want to ask a few moms to help with pampering portion of the party.

Dressing Up

Pick up some secondhand clothes and accessories for a dress-up pile. Hats, boas, handbags, shoes and tops work well. If your party guests are old enough, they could use these in a relay game, with each person having to dress up and cross the room before the next player has a go. Younger girls might enjoy a dress-up variation of "hot potato." Have the girls sit in a circle with the clothes in the middle. Turn on the music and have the girls pass around a handbag. When you stop the music, the girl holding the handbag has to put on an item of clothing from the middle of the circle. When all the clothes are gone, the little girl wearing the least amount of clothing from the middle of the circle wins. Another dress-up activity is to mark out a catwalk with scarves or sheets of card stock -- and have your guests dress up and put on a fashion show.

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